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Themes and Design

To preface this article, let us declare that Online Presence Solutions LLC uses Elementor Pro for around 90% of its web design. The other 10% is designed using custom CSS and PHP coding. That being said, What is Elementor?

Elementor is a WordPress plugin that helps you build and design different parts of your site.

Why do we use Elementor?
To make it easy on you! You (or one of our web design specialists) can also use Elementor to style custom-format blog posts, style your own headers and footers, as well create various “widgets” you can use just about anywhere on your site!

What are some examples of stuff I can build with Elementor?

  • sales or landing pages (build custom from scratch or based on their templates)
  • opt-in forms to place within your content–or sidebars, footers, headers, or anywhere!
  • widgets within your content(!)
  • custom headers or footers
  • pop-ups
  • “global” widgets–meaning you can put this widget in multiple locations across your site, and update all of them at the same time
  • way more.

What makes it so special? 
Elementor takes home the “best WordPress plugin currently made” award for a few reasons:

  • The page-builder easily rivals that of Leadpages, Instapage, and any other expensive landing page software.
  • Elementor can replace many other plugins, such as any tool you use for either popups or opt-in boxes!
  • They integrate well with email service providers (Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Drip, etc)
  • Their team is constantly pushing out new features that blow my mind–especially for the price.

Typically Elementor Pro would cost $200+ per year. With Online Presence Solutions, we include this theme building behemoth absolutely free

Ready to get started?

If you had assistance building your initial website, most of the theming or design work has already been accomplished. However, we do recommend getting acquainted with this tool for any future web development you’d like to implement.
Elementor has a plethora of intuitive instructional articles written by their developers. Below are the top-few we recommend for getting started.

About Us

OPS is dedicated to the success of your website and the experience of your customers. 
We provide written documentation and hands-on training to ensure you are ready to succeed with your Complete Online Presence Solution. 

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