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Terms and Agreements

The Online Presence Solutions Promise Details and Disclosures

Domain registration and DNS configuration.

              Domains purchased and configured on behalf of the customer are owned by Online Presence Solutions (hereby referenced as OPS) for the minimum duration of 1 year. OPS reserves the right to ownership of any domains it purchases throughout the duration of the contract purchased on behalf of the customer or otherwise. If the customer terminates the agreement without justified cause, OPS may retain the ownership of the domain and is not obligated, under any circumstances, to transfer ownership to the customer. If the customer terminates the agreement with justified cause, within the terms and agreements of OPS, the domain can be transferred so long as it complies with the ICANN rules and regulations. More information can be found here.

              OPS offers the acquisition of the desired domain under the pretense that the customer agrees to one year of service provided by OPS. ICANN fees are covered by OPS under the agreement but cannot include premium domain names. Domains valued over $35 for initial purchase are excluded from this offer and additional costs may incur for the customer for domain acquisition, if agreed upon by both parties.

              Renewal of domain registration will continue so long as the customer continues the agreement in annual terms with OPS. Cancelation of the agreement with OPS after a year may result in OPS discontinuing the renewal. OPS reserves the right of ownership of the domain and may continue to renew the registration even if the customer cancels any agreements with OPS.

Initial website design.

              OPS is interesting in making our customer’s online presence a complete success. We offer to initially design your website based on desires or examples. Customers agree to a minimum 1 year of service with OPS in order to qualify for this service. Your agreement makes the initial investment of time and resources “paid for” which enables us to eliminate the cost of entry for you. This service is NOT included with the “Basic Hosting” package.

Website Migration.

              We offer migration from other web providers onto our platform at no cost to the customer, so long as the customer agrees to a minimum of 1 year of service. Migration can take hours to complete and typically costs customers hundreds of dollars. Our goal is to make your business succeed and this up-front cost can hinder your progress. OPS is committed to a smooth migration with as minimal downtime as possible.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services.

              SEO can be a lot of work. OPS marketing specialists will use plugins and tools available to the customer to optimize a customer’s website within their abilities. One hour of dedicated time per month is offered to each customer for website and server administration and SEO services. These marking specialists will connect to a customer’s website periodically and make optimizations recommended by these plugins and tools, up-to 1 hour per month. Customers are expected to use these tools themselves when creating website content and OPS in no way guarantees high search engine ranking through the use of our services or the tools provided. Consultation on the use of these tools can be provided by OPS staff free of charge, within the time limits defined.

Social Media

              OPS is not and cannot be responsible for the upkeep of customer’s social media presence. We can and likely will make recommendations to improve your site’s traffic by integrating it with your social media platforms but will not maintain them. Social Media Integration is provided through the use of plugins or other tools and, once configured by OPS, should—and will be—maintained by the customer. If the customer does not have a social media presence, OPS staff will make recommendations by request on how to create their social media accounts as part of the greater Online Presence Solution.

Local Resources

              OPS will make attempts to connect customers and their staff with resources benefiting you in your geographical area. We cannot and do not guarantee any local resources will be of use to you but will, all the same, attempt to connect you with individuals or entities that may prove to be a beneficial partner.

Technical Support

              OPS offers technical support for up-to one hour per month, shared with other website maintenance and SEO responsibilities. This support can be used for web design, plugin assistance, integration with other services, troubleshooting, or education.

Exceptions to this include the following:
Disaster recovery.
Website downtime.
Plugin/site support that is outside the package level agreed upon.

Technical Support Response Times and Disaster Recovery

              OPS guarantees a response to a phone/email/ticket submission within 24 hours. We do not guarantee resolution to your submission within any timeframe. Only if a website is down/offline as a result of our services can the customer cancel their service with justification. Disasters caused by customer intervention/plugins/configuration of their site cannot justify cancellation of their service. We will retain backups of your data and may be able to restore a damaged/broken site up-to the point of failure but no later than 2 weeks.

Service Level Changes

              If a customer changes the purpose of their website to that of a package outside the definition of the level they agreed to, they will not be charged additional fees during their contract duration. OPS will no longer participate in support that exceeds that of the defined package level. E.g. We will not offer technical support for eCommerce plugins that are hosted on a Basic/Simple/Business level package. Damages incurred as a result of plugins not supported on the customer’s package level may not be corrected by OPS staff as a result. Web design, social integration, SEO services will not be provided to customers whose website exceeds that of their package level.

              It is understood that, after the year of service for the lesser package has expired, the customer may be required to purchase the package accommodating their use if deemed necessary by OPS. OPS reserves the right to refuse service after the contract has expired if the customer does not increase their package level. OPS reserves the right to retain the website, data, domain name and all associated services and plugins in this case.

Software, Plugins and Other Content

              Installing pirated or illegally obtained content or software is strictly prohibited. The customer assumes all responsibility for illegal software and content retained on their website. OPS will cooperate with any and all legal investigations into websites or services hosted. The customer hereby assumes all responsibility for their content and ownership of potentially illegal data. This includes illicit images of children, illegal software, media or trade secrets. Textual content that is in any way illegal can be removed by OPS at anytime as to comply with state, federal, or international law.

Other Terms and Conditions

              OPS reserves the right to update these terms and agreements and a customer agrees to everything therein as well as what is included in the Terms and Conditions.