Online Presence Solutions

Online Presence Solutions

Complete Solutions for Building your Online Presence

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The OPS Promise

What makes a “complete solution” and what separates us from other services?

Ease of use:
Domain registration and DNS is configured for you! No need to remember what services are coming due when, we’ll take care of renewing your domain and paying all ICANN fees.9

One Stop-Shop:
We believe that the best means of providing affordable service is to keep our costs low, which we pass on to you. We host all of our websites in-house as to ensure performance and quality to our customers at the lowest cost possible.


We provide free web design services with EVERY PACKAGE!
Being a One-Stop-Shop means we don’t pass you off to another company for web design. When you work with us we can design and customize your site to fit any of your needs!
This is typically the biggest hurdle for building an online presence. You can create a website somewhere and be nickel-and-dimed for every service imaginable–but not here. The average start-up cost for initial website design is $200 for a simple blog to $1200 for a eCommerce store! This is included with every package free of charge!1

Migration Services Included:
If you are migrating your site from a different provider or platform migration services are included at no extra cost!1

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services:
We provide tools free of charge meant to keep your site optimized for search engines.2 Need to focus on lawn care in your town? No problem! How about acquiring readership for your blog? Non-issue. We partner with other websites and providers to organically cross-pollinate your site to increase visitors.

Social Media Integration:
Connect services like Facebook, Twitter and Google to your site to drive traffic to your website!8

Leveraging Local Resources:
We go the extra mile with our free consultation services. Leveraging local resources gives brick-and-mortar stores or an up-and-coming artist the tools they need to hit the ground running. Partnering with a Chamber of Commerce or a local art gallery is second nature to us and we can pass this wisdom on to you.3

Ongoing support:
In addition to doing the initial design, we will periodically update your site with additional content to ensure search engines keep you listed as “current and relevant.”
This also includes support for technical issues you may experience. Response times vary depending on the nature of the issue but we guarantee a response within 24 hours.4

Server Administration:
As part of our commitment to your success, we will update your site and any plugins associated with it free of charge.5 This enables us to ensure compatibility across your site and keep it running clean and clear!

Disaster recovery:
If the worst case happens, we’re there for you. All our services are backed up routinely and if you accidentally trash your whole site our support team will be there to restore you back to your desired time, free of charge!

It’s your site, you can do with as you please!
You are permitted to make any changes to your website so long as it does not impede our ability to administer the site. Install plugins, delete pages–it’s entirely up to you.7

Flexibility Pt2:
It’s your site, you can do with as you please!
You can make changes to your site at any time including making a “simple site” an eCommerce site. Doing so changes the level of service agreed upon but will not result in being charged more during the contract duration! We will simply terminate our participation in SEO, design, and consultation services until your package level reflects the site’s purpose.6





*1 Website setup, design, or migration services are free with a 1-year commitment to using our services. For more information please review our Terms and Agreements.
*2 Plugins for SEO services are included with any package and can be used by the customer to optimize the website. Consultation on use of these tools is provided free of charge. Our web engineers will connect to your site periodically and make optimizations recommended by this plugin.
*3 Local resources may be limited based on geographical location of your business or services.
*4 Response times are typically less than 6 hours but may take longer depending on the nature of the issue. Please review the Service Level Agreement portion of the Terms and Agreements.
*5 We take pride in keeping our systems up-to-date and keeping customer sites running clean. Site-level updates are performed on a monthly basis but can be performed by the customer without resulting in any punitive measures. However, doing so may result in catastrophic failure if done incorrectly.
*6 See Service Level Agreement and Terms and Agreements for more details.
*7 Installing pirated or illegally obtained content or software is strictly prohibited. See Terms and Agreements for details.
*8 Social Media Accounts must exist and be maintained outside of the agreements with Online Presence Solutions. See the Terms and Agreements for details.
*9 Premium domain name registration not included and limitations may apply. Please review our Terms and Conditions for details.