Migration Services

The key to any successful migration is a clean start!
OPS is pleased to assist you with migrating your old website – WordPress or not – to our Hosting Service at an affordable rate.

What's included?

  • Email account creation
  • Moving your site content from your previous host to us.
    • Images/Media
    • Product Data
    • Reviews
    • Customer/Order Data*
  • Existing Layouts/Themes**
  • Email Accounts***

WordPress vs. Non-Wordpress Migration?

We have migrated websites of every kind onto our platform, straight onto WordPress with a smooth and polished finished. There is a slight difference in cost for non-WordPress to WordPress migration. Migration between the same CMS (WordPress to WordPress) to our services simply requires less time, whereas older websites, built on basic HTML code or out-of-date web language, can impact the amount of effort required by our staff to ensure a quality build of your final product.

But no matter the time, a deal’s a deal!
We won’t be charging you extra if it takes 20 or 200 hours to migrate your data, we’ll get the job done right!

*Customer/Order data will be imported into WooCommerce and may not be fully compatible. Unexpected results with WordPress/WooCommerce may occur. 
**We will try to match the existing themes of your website during migration, if you use WordPress. Non-WordPress sites will simply have the data moved with no modifications beyond the basic WordPress design.
***Email accounts will be created but content migration is the responsibility of the client, with instructions provided.