The PowerHouse

Sell items in your physical store online or drop-ship items from suppliers and collect the check!
With guided and personal assistance provided by one of our experienced Web Designers, our eCommerce package is ready to open your business’ doors to the world today.


Monthly Price:



Ready for the big time? Take advantage of unlimited emails, unlimited MySQL databases, and an unprecedented 2 Terabytes of bandwidth! Large sites with numerous employees/departments that leverage this PowerHouse to push the limits of their Online Presence.

Of course, included with all of our packages is The OPS Promise in addition to all of the following features:

Hosting Overview:

  • 7 domains*
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • 20 GB disk space
  • 2TB bandwidth per month

Business Email:

  • Keep it professional with an unlimited number of emails accounts included.

Always-on Security

  • Prevent unwanted intrusions with effective brute force attack protection, malware scanning, and spam filtering.

Disaster recovery:

  • If the worst case happens, we’re there for you. You can configure routine backups and if you accidentally trash your whole site our support team will be there to guide you through the restoration process, getting you back to your most recent backup.


  • It’s your site, you can do with as you please!

Built-in Performance

  • Load pages faster, and serve your images and static files from our global network of servers.
  • Improve your site speed and take control of your CloudFlare services directly from your cPanel (plugin included).
  • Shorter load times can lead to happier readers, more page views, and more frequent returns.

Ongoing support:
Support for technical issues or questions about service is included for free!





*Does not include domain registration fees